Development of Math Abilities in Children

What will your child grow up to be? How can you help them land a highly demanded profession? What progress, according to their chosen path, will your child be able to achieve? These are the questions that every parent worries about.

Analyzing the current market of professions, and given the rigorous growth of technology, one can note that a profession based on math skills native to the left hemisphere and creative skills native to the right will be in high demand. The perfect embodiment of this complex combination of skills and opportunity is Bill Gates. His parents sent him to study at a specialized school where he was able to master the use of computers, which later became the foundation for his highly successful business.

Currently, the most popular professions are associated not only with a deep knowledge of math but also with the ability to think creatively in an effort to imagine and invent something new. In order to master the use of the internet, computer technologies, mobile communications, and banking programs, you need to have solid mathematical knowledge. At the same time, you need to possess the ability to intuitively feel, think abstractly, cope with large volumes of information, and make quick and clear decisions. You won’t be able to master these skills without the presence of fantasy and imagination.

So, mathematical ability in its usual understanding is not enough today. To create a successful future, a completely new approach is needed — one based on techniques that allow you to create a solid foundation consisting of a broad base of knowledge and proficiency in complex skills. It all comes down to one simple formula:

With the development of abilities, the brain develops. As the brain develops, personality is formed.

You need harmonious and simultaneous development in order to uniformly develop both hemispheres of the brain. A person could have all the necessary skills needed for modern living by combining the set of mathematical and logical manifestations of the left hemisphere with the complex, creative manifestations of the right.

Fortunately, today there is a technique that gives us the opportunity to develop and synchronize both hemispheres. This technique is called Mental Math.

The abacus helps children actively train their brain. This technique was improved with the help of a specially designed computer program that helps children successfully train and develop their mental counting skills at home. The Tinker Thinkers Academy does not apply the traditional counting sticks or counting of the fingers to solve logical problems and other habitual exercises that are widely used in the old systems of education. In our academy, Mental Math involves the parallel development of mathematical and creative abilities.

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