5 Reasons WHY your child needs MORE water

Over the past few decades, the intake of sweetened drinks increased dramatically. In the United States and Mexico by almost 100%. It seems as if parents forgot the importance of water. Below are the 5 crucial reasons why YOUR CHILD needs more water.

  • Mar 13
    The Mysterious Word "Abacus"

    Even a schoolboy can tell you that our brain consists of two hemispheres – left and right. And if we delve into the bins of the school curriculum in biology, we learn that each hemisphere is responsible for your range of brain functions. Interesting, isn't it?

  • Dec 01
    What modern methods of training should include?

    The key to good, successful education is a physiological understanding of the brain. An empty and clean vessel, that is a baby, will be filled with what adults put in it. What is taught in childhood will become mental food in old age. Children desire new knowledge. The more the both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, the faster the brain and its mental abilities will develop.

  • Nov 07
    Development of Math Abilities in Children

    What will your child grow up to be? How can you help them land a highly demanded profession? What progress, according to their chosen path, will your child be able to achieve? These are the questions that every parent worries about.

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