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Life Changing Brain Training Program

A proven program that helps children reach their full potential

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Does Your Child Struggle With…

  • Short Attention Span, ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Creative Activities
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Poor Memory
  • Trouble Finishing Tasks
  • Low Grades
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Poor Imagination
We understand that each child is unique and deserves personal attention. Our goal is to improve your child’s core learning skills. For a student with strong core learning skills, learning becomes easy. We aim to help your child grow and reach his/her full potential.
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Abacus Math

The backbone of Tinker Thinkers Brain Training Program is the Abacus Mental Math. Abacus Math may be the most effective way to help children develop the core learning skills that make paying attention easy, and completing assignments and doing well in school – fun.
Our Brain Training program gives your child the exact stimulation they need to develop superior learning skills that will help them learn faster and do better in school from first grade to high school, and beyond.

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What is Abacus Math?

For centuries before the development of calculators and computers, people used the Abacus to perform all kind of calculations, from simple addition and subtraction to complex multiplication and division.
Why train with Abacus Math, instead of other programs?

For decades tutors and teachers have used various brain training programs to stimulate cognitive activity in students. From flashcard, board games to online interactive video games. Parents have struggled with deciding whether their child should or should not play video games – it trains fast reaction, right? From extracurricular intellectual activities to music school and sports, parents all around the United State strive to help their child reach his/her full potential.

Abacus Mental Math will help your child develop strong strings between the right and the left hemispheres of the brain called the corpus callosum. Abacus Mental Math is the superior program that strengthens these strings and uses both hemispheres of the brain at the simultaneously.

These strings, corpus callosum, are important because they help us use creativity and reasoning at the same time, plus, with a greater capacity. Are you familiar with people describing themselves as a “creative individual” or saying: “I’m a more logical type of person”? That is because from a young age we are taught to use one hemisphere of the brain at a time. Hence, some people develop the right hemisphere more, than the left and likewise other individuals develop the left side more than the right.

Abacus Mental Math is not about teaching your child to be better at math. Our brain-training program aims to help children develop strong ties between the right and the left hemispheres, and thus, use their brain at the full capacity.

Our program will not lecture your child on how to use both sides of the brain. We will not provide a boring checklist of everything your child needs to master. Instead, we will train your child with a computer-based system, a game, forsay. In our simulation, your child will learn how to calculate with the Abacus and do it super fast. While he/she will be enjoying the simple game, the brain will be actively working. Imagination and problem solving will automatically unite and work together. After 15-20 minutes of daily brain exercising with our program, your child will be rewarded with strong cognitive skills. Every child who is trained in Abacus Math is automatically ahead of everybody else.

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What Learning Skills Are Crucial For Each Child To Develop And Empower…

These core skills support the development of logic, reasoning, problem-solving, and the ability to remain focused and complete a task. The strength of your child’s core learning skills will determine if learning for them comes easy, or is difficult.

  • Increased Concentration Power

    Improving concentration will enable your child to study efficiently, control thoughts, and conserve energy. Your son or daughter will be able to enjoy a conversation with an older person without constantly checking his/her phone. They will be able to focus despite the distractions.

  • Stronger Visualization and Imagination

    Visualization is the base of creativity. Well-developed visualization will help your child reach goals and solve problems in a unique way. Constantly visualizing new information helps retrieve it. Creative individuals are desired in our evolving word. Children with high creativity skills.

  • Better

    A working memory will enable your child to easily grasp new skills. Auditory working memory will help your child to hold on to the sounds of letters and new words. Visual working memory will help your child remember how each letter or number looks. Improving working memory will help boost problem-solving ability and improve fluid intelligence.

  • Improved

    Children mainly learn from observing. Being able to quickly notice small details will help your child to connect the information to him/herself and retrieve it. Children with strong observation skills are better at raising awareness and making concessions decisions.

  • Fast Information Processing

    Quickly reacting to information will enable your child to understand the world around him/her better. Fast information processing lets students retrieve more material in a shorter time period. Your child will be able to quickly understand and relate information to him/herself.

  • Improved

    Through listening and reading children gain their language skills. Children increase their vocabulary by listening to others and reading literature. If these skills are strong, students are able to thoroughly communicate. Our program will help your child to comprehend and master active listening and reading.

No Wonder Parents Rate Our Program So High

My son John is really enjoying Tinker Thinkers Academy.

I just had a conference with teachers at his school and they said that John improved his math skills by 70% since last year. I am amazed by his abilities to concentrate on a few tasks at the same time. For instance, while calculating in his mind he can listen to music, dance and still get the correct answer!!! I also noticed that his reading skills improved, he can hold attention for a longer time. He likes coming to class and meeting with his friends. Homework is appealing as a fun game. Moreover, he takes interest in buying novelties from Tinker Thinker online store. I’m glad that my son is now confident in his abilities and I am really proud of him. I recommend Tinker Thinkers to everybody! I see tangible results from this program.


Kelly, the mother of Adam and Tom says:

I had Adam by myself at Costco and asked him to add up our purchases in his head (rounded to the nearest dollar) as we shopped and see how close he could come to the register total. He ended up at $166, and the one dollar difference to our total was due to rounding. I frankly didn’t care so much whether he did the addition accurately…it was the working memory I was checking. He was able to keep the running total in his head over 45 minutes of eating samples, looking at things he’d like to buy, and chatting with his mom. I’m not too big on extrinsic rewards, but he got a frozen yogurt for fun for succeeding in the challenge.


Rebecca’s mom writes:

Two years ago, before enrolling Rebecca in Tinker Thinkers Academy, she had earned only one medal at her school. Now she has a whole folder with over 19 certificates and awards! We are so proud of our daughter! Thank you.


You cannot imagine how happy I am

I found out about Tinker Thinkers Academy as soon as it opened. But, as a single mother, for several years I could not afford to give my child such an education. Then, Dennis, (the founder of the academy), made me an offer that I could not resist. For me, it was like winning the lottery!!!

Before we started classes at Tinker Thinkers Academy, my daughter had problems with math and other subjects in school. You cannot imagine how happy I was, and cried from joy, when my daughter brought home an award for being the most improved in mathematical abilities. To me, it was the best confirmation that abacus math really works. My daughter really likes the fun and interesting activities and useful masterclasses at the Academy.


Now is the time to take an action!

Give your child the confidence they deserve. Today!

The Tinker Thinkers Advantage

We offer a safe, secure, friendly environment to help your child grow… We design our classes to be fun and exciting for children and comfortable for their parents.

  • Flexible schedule for parents and students
  • High-qualified staff
  • Computer-based learning program your child sees as a game
  • Fun activities beyond math
  • 10-15 students per class
  • Online gift shop exclusively for students

Touching the Milestones Faster

Within a few months our parents see their children at their full potential.

  • Sam, 10 years Since January 2017

    Sam can compile pyramid speed cube in 39 sec!

    Do you know anybody who can calculate like she does?

    Vika, 8 years Since April 2016
  • Gabriel, 8 years Since March 2016

    Learning to calculate hundreds on the abacus is easy and fun but very beneficial skill.

    Eliana (7 years old) can count 40 examples at a speed of 0.5 seconds. This is really amazing!

    Eliana, 7 years After 4 months
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