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The Abacus Math Classes for Kids

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Abacus Math

Abacus math is the ability to do mathematical calculations exclusively in one’s mind. With this ability, your child is able to do day-to-day computations in their head without ever needing a pencil, paper, calculator or any other form of help. Using various arithmetic techniques and practicing them in the mental space, your child is able to perform calculations within seconds that even adults would need much more time for.

However, developing these skills in a child requires serious efforts. At Tinker Thinkers, we train children to do such calculations using visual learning. We do this by using an ingenious invention called a Soroban.

What’s a Soroban?

A Soroban is quite similar to an abacus, but due to its effectiveness in learning arithmetic operations, it remains more relevant in today’s world than an abacus. It is a Japanese invention and has been around for ages. It’s used in some of the most developed countries of the world to help children learn basic arithmetic and practice mental math.

At Tinker Thinkers, we have combined this old masterpiece of math learning with modern technology to develop a system that helps your child learn abacus math at a fast pace and in a fun environment. While the children play games and have fun they are really learning to add, subtract, multiply, divide etc.

Children don’t find this type of learning boring because they are not asked to use pencils and notebooks instead they learn what some of them have called “cool math”. In most cases, these children can complete calculations before you even take out your calculator or write out the problem on a piece of paper. The mathematical techniques that allow them to calculate so quickly are stored in their brain just like their first language.

With practice and time, your children become so good at mental math that they can calculate the total cost of your groceries at a supermarket or your dinner bill at a restaurant before automatic machines produce a paper receipt.

Reviews of students and parents

My son John is really enjoying Tinker Thinkers Academy.

I just had a conference with his teachers at his every-day school and they said that John improved his math skills by 70% since last year. I am amazed by his abilities to concentrate on few tasks at the same time. For instance, while calculating in his mind he can listen to music, dance and still get the correct answer!!! I also noticed that his reading skills improved, he can hold attention for a longer time. He likes coming to class and meeting with his friends. Homework is appealing as a fun game. Moreover, he takes interest in buying novelties from Tinker Thinker online store. I’m glad that my son is now confident in his abilities and I am really proud of him. I recommend Tinker Thinkers to everybody! I see tangible results from this program.


Kelly, the mother of Adam and Tom says:

I had Adam by myself at Costco and asked him to add up our purchases in his head (rounded to the nearest dollar) as we shopped and see how close he could come to the register total. He ended up at $166, and the one dollar difference to our total was due to rounding. I frankly didn’t care so much whether he did the addition accurately…it was the working memory I was checking. He was able to keep the running total in his head over 45 minutes of eating samples, looking at things he’d like to buy, and chatting with his mom. I’m not too big on extrinsic rewards, but he got a frozen yogurt for fun for succeeding in the challenge.


Rebecca’s mom writes:

Two years ago, before enrolling Rebecca in Tinker Thinkers Academy, she had earned only one medal at her school. Now she has a whole folder with over 19 certificates and awards! We are so proud of our daughter! Thank you.


You cannot imagine how happy I am

I found out about Tinker Thinkers Academy as soon as it opened. But, as a single mother, for several years I could not afford to give my child such an education. Then, Dennis, (the founder of the academy), made me an offer that I could not resist. For me, it was like winning the lottery!!!

Before we started classes at Tinker Thinkers Academy, my daughter had problems with math and other subjects in school. You cannot imagine how happy I was, and cried from joy, when my daughter brought home an award for being the most improved in mathematical abilities. To me, it was the best confirmation that abacus math really works. My daughter really likes the fun and interesting activities and useful masterclasses at the Academy.


Do You Often Notice Your Child Struggling with These Issues?

  • Are your child’s grades always below average or quickly dropping?
  • Does your child have a hard time following along and keeping up with their lesson in class?
  • Does your child have difficulty listening and end up almost immediately forgetting what you told them?
  • Is it frustratingly difficult for your child to memorize text or numbers by heart?
  • Do you notice your child making up excuses for bad performance in mathematics?
  • Does your child struggle with simple logical problems?
  • Do you find that your child does not actively take part in creative activities?
  • So they have trouble concentrating?
We understand how frustrating these issues can be. This is why we have developed our system for mental math learning through abacus training – it is training that goes beyond numerical calculations and helps your child improve their memory, concentration, creativity, and other mental abilities!

How Abacus Math Empowers a Child’s Education, Profession and Day to Day Handling of Life

Here are the abilities that a child develops while learning mental math, and a description of how these abilities shape up his/her intellect to be relevant and successful in the modern world.

  • Increased Concentration Power

    Concentration improves your children’s in-class performance, and helps them in becoming professional surgeons, air traffic controllers, technical illustrators, chemists, architects etc.

  • Stronger Visualization and Imagination

    This invaluable skill helps children throughout their lives. Children with great visualization make up for incredible graphic designers, landscape artists, CNC programmers, interior designers etc.

  • Better

    Memory helps your child in day to day activities, academic education and professional life. Good memory can help children become great professors, environmental engineers, agricultural science teachers, environmental economists etc.

  • Improved

    Not only does observation help your children with a great career but also it helps stay safe from possible dangers around them. Children with good observation can be great QA analysts, intelligence officers, speakers etc. Great observation skills also make up for great business leaders.

  • Fast Information Processing

    There is no field, industry or profession that does not highly value a person with fast information processing skills. The biggest gift that comes with fast information processing is the power of making accurate and timely decisions.

  • Improved

    A child whose listening skills are great learns things much faster than his/her classmates. Good listening means the child will understand things fast and probably at first attempt. Listening skills make for great entrepreneurs, judges, family therapists, psychologists etc.

Now is the time to take an action!

Give your child the confidence they deserve. Today!

The Tinker Thinkers Advantage

At Tinker Thinkers, children learn mental math fast and in an environment full of fun. Our exercises and training sessions do not tire or bore the kids. Here are some of the main advantages of Tinker Thinkers mental math course.

  • An online program that helps the child to learn at home and become a part of group learning once a week.
  • Progress is noticeable after every class
  • Particulars of the program are adjusted according to the child – a tailor-made solution.
  • Easy to follow schedule for both parents and children.
  • Our classes can have 30 to 35 students but we make sure to have at least 3 teachers in every class at all times so every child receives proper and deserved attention.
  • Our professional instructors are the cream of the industry.

Touching the Milestones Faster

Within a few months our parents see their children at their full potential.

  • Sam, 10 years Since January 2017

    Sam can compile pyramid speed cube in 39 sec!

    Do you know anybody who can calculate like she does?

    Vika, 8 years Since April 2016
  • Gabriel, 8 years Since March 2016

    Learning to calculate hundreds on the abacus is easy and fun but very beneficial skill.

    Eliana (7 years old) can count 40 examples at a speed of 0.5 seconds. This is really amazing!

    Eliana, 7 years After 4 months
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