How Tinker Thinkers Works

At our learning centers we identify the exceptional students from all corners of the country and train them to meet the intellectual needs of practical lives. Our students move on in their lives to become prominent personalities such as scientists, politicians and entrepreneurs etc.

Our Mission

We have taken it upon ourselves to use our carefully and uniquely designed system to bring about noticeable improvements in younger generation to prepare them to have a prominent impact in their practical lives. We identify their God gifted talents and introduce them to a tailor-made program so their minds are ready to face the most challenging and difficult tasks.

  • Dennis Chepurnoy
    Founder & CEO
  • Aliaksei Kalashnikau
Our short-term goals:
  • 1To lay the foundation of 20 learning centers in Minnesota
  • 2To nourish at least 4000 young minds every year to pave the way to their future
  • 3To be a helping hand for anyone who shares the same vision as us, and help them found successful learning centers in the US and Canada.
Our long-term goals:

We have a strong belief that students who complete our program are much better prepared to avail and capitalize on future opportunities. We have set our goal to open multitude of centers all across the US and Canada to train as many students for these opportunities as possible.

Reasons for Studying at Tinker Thinkers Learning Center


Many times, children are not able to show their full potential only because they don’t like the way they are taught in schools. The conventional methods of teaching can get boring. Not to mention it is quite a shortcoming of the modern schools system that it does not incorporate technology into studying as much as it should.

At Tinker Thinkers we give our students an environment where they can feel relaxed. They feel free as though they were at a restaurant with you. We then incorporate hundreds of different exercises to train their minds to be great. Our methods yield 98% success rate but we still keep on improving.

Here are the prominent advantages for your child to study at Tinker Thinkers:

  • Our learning centers are fully equipped with latest computers and learn-with-fun programs. With the help of tablets, laptops and desktops, we familiarize our students with the modern way of learning right from the beginning.
  • We enroll students all year round. Your child can start our Mental Math program at any time.
  • While results at the end of the year are great, we believe and make sure our students show progress after every class.
  • The specifics of our program are set after fully analyzing the personality traits of the child.
  • Our trainers are the specialists of their field.
  • Our classes can have up 30 to 35 students but with 2-3 teachers available at any given moment, children are guaranteed to get the deserved attention.
  • Our flexible schedule suits not only students but parents as well.

What Makes Tinker Thinkers Different from the Rest?

  • Our program has been designed to train children’s minds in such a way that cognitive thinking, imagination, problem solving, decision making, etc. become part of their brain’s common operations. Our students learn really fast because every student is given attention individually.
  • There is no pressure on the student to go along the rest of the class. We understand that every child has their own learning speed. The beauty of our program lies in the fact that our students feel free to progress at a speed that naturally suits their own intellect. This type of early childhood education gives their confidence the boost they need.
  • Keep in mind that our mental math program is not one of the many math learning courses available at thousands of other institutes. It is an “approach” with a scope much bigger than simplifying mathematics for a child. The positive impact of our program is visible in our students’ entire lives including their early education to university, and university to practical life.

The Scope of Our Program Is to Train Talented Kids Improve and Utilize Crucial Mental Abilities

Mathematics is just a means to achieve goals for our students. The main idea is to develop both sides of their brains, left and right, to improve their logical thinking, problem solving skills, pressure handling, visualization and memory. A child equipped with these powerful weapons can outperform other students at school and outdo peers and team players in their professional career. This is how these qualities help young minds become genius mind in their adult lives.

Here are the prominent advantages for your child to study at Tinker Thinkers:

  • Worksheets, papers and pencils are not part of our program. We have equipped our classrooms with the latest tablet, laptop and computer technology. We did this not only to make learning fun for our students but also introduce them to the prevailing technologies, so they can have a better understanding of the world around them.
  • Our programs are designed very carefully and with growth of the child’s brain in mind. Every lesson given to the child is a bit more advanced than the previous one. We do this to ensure that our student does not have to jump from one topic to another that are completely irrelevant to each other making it hard for students to learn
  • Normally in schools you see that teachers have to complete the course before exams. In doing so they often move really fast even if the students have not learned anything. With our program we make sure our student is introduced to a new idea only after he/she has fully learned the first one.

How Our Students Take Classes

We have made sure to keep things as simple and accommodating for our parents and students as possible. Here is how our students take their classes.

We conduct a 90-minute class at Tinker Thinkers Learning Center every once a week. After making careful assessments during class time, the teachers come up with homework and tasks specifically designed for each kid based on their skills

Students are allowed to complete the given home work at their most convenient time. Our students love doing our home work because all of it is in the form of fun games. To get the best results, children are encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes playing the game.

What Does the Child Achieve During the Course?

  • The nature of our activities and exams improve your child’s reaction time. This is a really helpful skill needed in the practical life.
  • With improved focus you can see great improvements in your child’s academic education at all. Focus is equally important in professional and day to day life.
  • Problems appear on the screen in the form of a game but really fast. Calculations have to be done fast even distraction for even a second can cost a child. When attention is improved, your child’s learning at school speeds up.
  • When memory improves, your child can learn lessons and prepare for academic exams with ease.

What Is the Enrollment Process?

  • Step 1

    It is best that you visit one of our centers and meet one of our experienced instructors at a time that fits easily in your schedule. You can ask them any questions and they will be more than happy to answer.

  • Step 2

    We have a free trial lesson but it’s not a placement test because we don’t need to check students’ knowledge, we only make assessments of how easily the student will be able to learn mental math.

  • Step 3

    After trial lesson, we make a decision if the student is ready and then enroll him/her on our program.

How Much Will It Cost

Monthly Tuition From $155
Registration fee $90
And we have family discounts

Our Team

Dennis Chepurnoy

Questions about the program or need help? I'm ready to answer!

Dennis Chepurnoy 844 244 4300
Aliaksei Kalashnikau

Questions about the program or need help? I'm ready to answer!

Aliaksei Kalashnikau 844 244 4300
Dennis Chepurnoy

Questions about the program or need help? I'm ready to answer!

Dennis Chepurnoy 844 244 4300
Aliaksei Kalashnikau

Questions about the program or need help? I'm ready to answer!

Aliaksei Kalashnikau 844 244 4300
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