5 Reasons WHY your child needs MORE water

Over the past few decades, the intake of sweetened drinks increased dramatically. In the United States and Mexico by almost 100%. It seems as if parents forgot the importance of water. Below are the 5 crucial reasons why YOUR CHILD needs more water.

  • Mar 18
    How to Help Your Child Learn Better?

    Children are often called "incarnation of God on earth". While this seems good enough, in theory, the ground realities are different. Even though every parent loves their child and tries to raise them to the best of their knowledge, sometimes this knowledge falls woefully short.

  • Mar 15
    Benefits of abacus math for kids

    Many of us know about the abacus, the simple tool used for basic calculations. But only a few of us know about its long history, and even fewer know about its immense benefits for children. The abacus could prove to be the perfect tool to sharpen the mathematical abilities of your child while making it a fun job. But before we go into the benefits, let's have a closer look at what The abacus is and how it works.

  • Mar 13
    The Mysterious Word "Abacus"

    Even a schoolboy can tell you that our brain consists of two hemispheres – left and right. And if we delve into the bins of the school curriculum in biology, we learn that each hemisphere is responsible for your range of brain functions. Interesting, isn't it?

  • Jan 17
    The Importance Of After-School Activities For Children Aged Between 6 To 13 Years

    Children between the ages of six and thirteen undergo most of their prime developmental changes mentally and physically during this stage of their growth. These days there are plenty of after-school study programs available to bring out the best in your children...

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