Within a few months our parents see their children at their full potential.

Angelina, 10 years
You cannot imagine how happy I am

I found out about Tinker Thinkers Academy as soon as it opened. But, as a single mother, for several years I could not afford to give my child such an education. Then, Dennis, (the founder of the academy), made me an offer that I could not resist. For me, it was like winning the lottery!!!

Before we started classes at Tinker Thinkers Academy, my daughter had problems with math and other subjects in school. You cannot imagine how happy I was, and cried from joy, when my daughter brought home an award for being the most improved in mathematical abilities. To me, it was the best confirmation that abacus math really works. My daughter really likes the fun and interesting activities and useful masterclasses at the Academy.

— Liubovi

Artem, 7 years
My son’s memory has noticeably increased

Like any mom, I want a happy and successful future for my child. And at this stage, when he is still small, our job, as parents, is to invest into him as many useful skills and knowledge as possible. Before we started at Tinker Thinkers Academy, Artem always needed help in completing his homework from school. He was easily distracted by things; it was hard for him to concentrate on one thing. After 6 months of education at the Academy, my child comes to me himself, to show me his completed homework. Now I do not have to remind him or force him to do his homework. My son’s memory has also noticeably improved; he memorizes poems after reading them once! His ability to sit still and concentrate his attention has also significantly improved. Now, he can sit and work without breaks for 30-40 minutes without any problems, and he does this with no particular difficulty. Of course, I really like that my child is busy with useful activities everyday, instead of sitting in front of the television or playing video games.

Artem also likes practicing abacus math. At Tinker Thinkers Academy he has made new friends, and he happily attends classes.

— Natalia

since January 2017 Andrew, 10 years
One of the our fastest student

When I grow up I want to be a businessman and own a car business. I like cars and I like to work with motors and see how things work. I will get a lot of money to provide my family. Mental math will help me by expanding my imagination. I need the imagination to create new cars. I will also help my memory and other important skills.

since December 2016 Alena, 11 years
She has the best observation skills

When I grow up I want to be a Doctor. Mental Math helps me to become one of the best doctors. It improves my concentration and everybody knows doctors need a very good concentration. And it helps me to remember any information easily. So I will be able to memorize all the medicine and diseases.

since January 2017 Anya, 11 years
How Tinker Thinkers can help me and my future job

My dream job is a Dermatologist. I think it is very cool and I want to help people with their skin, so I picked a Dermatologist and mental math can help me in so many ways.
I will concentrate on what my patients will be saying so I can give them the right medications.
A good memory can help me because my patients will be telling me what hurts and what medications they already used, and what other doctors had given them so I would have to memorize all the creams, the pills, and what hurts to give them the right medications the help the patient.
Observation will help me to effectively exam my patients and it will be very helpful at the school like in science so I can observe during experiments.
All Dermatologists should be able to process information quickly if there is an emergency I will need to act fast and help people as soon as possible.
Mental math helps me to improve my brain abilities which will make it easier for me to study in school and to become and good and successful Dermatologist.

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