Development in Preschoolers

Contemporary society offers us a rapid development of new technologies which you must have quick access and high intellect to explore. Keeping up with the rapid development of technical progress is even difficult for adults who have a logical way of thinking. To blend in with contemporary society, the children of the coming generations should develop their ability to think creatively. Recognizing this, most modern parents are paying proper attention to the intellectual development of their children in order to raise a talented, happy, confident, comprehensively developed person who will achieve success in life with ease.

Upbringing of a successful person

Every parent is interested in seeing their child find their place in life and become a successful person. For previous generations it was enough to be a specialist and have professional skills and knowledge to succeed, but this is clearly not enough today. Today we can observe that only creative people, who are able to perceive volumetric information and solve complex problems in an unusual way, achieve the most success. These abilities are available to those who have successfully developed both hemispheres of the brain.

For many decades, methods of early child development in this country were based on presenting the maximum amount of knowledge to a child in the shortest amount of time. It came down to teaching a child to learn and remember numbers, new words in a foreign language, and verses. Application of such techniques is not enough today. To raise a genius, the desire and love of learning, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to achieve the highest goals must be awakened in a child.

For several decades, and in many countries around the world, counting with an abacus is used. This unique method of pre-school and early school education aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Development and synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain;
  • Disclosure of the creative abilities of a child and their development;
  • Parallel development of creative and logical thinking. The development of abilities that allow for the analysis and comparison of facts;
  • The ability to make quick, non-standard decisions based on the rate of reaction; and
  • Social, emotional, and intellectual child development

Advantages of Mental Math

The effectiveness of mental math method is based on the fact that training in the Tinker Thinkers Academy begins at the age of six and continues until the age of thirteen. This is the time when the formation of neural connections occurs at the cellular level and connections between the hemispheres of the brain are formed.

Through the use of an abacus, children have a chance to develop their imagination during the learning process because both hands are used uniformly, thereby stimulating both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. Mental math involves the training of logical and creative thinking, ultimately leading to incredible success.

Children are easily able to mentally operate with multi-digit numbers without using a calculator. A comprehensive understanding of information allows for the expansion and accelerated process of memorization. The ability to react quickly and make decisions based on useful knowledge is then developed. The ability to understand material by hearing, concentrating, and observing is also developed.

These acquired skills help children not only succeed in school but also in the development of interpersonal skills, self-confidence, depth of thinking, and flexibility of the Mental. These abilities become faithful companions to children throughout their lives, allowing them to achieve success in any field.

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