What modern methods of training should include?

The key to good, successful education is a physiological understanding of the brain. An empty and clean vessel, that is a baby, will be filled with what adults put in it. What is taught in childhood will become mental food in old age. Children desire new knowledge. The more the both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, the faster the brain and its mental abilities will develop.

The activities done for the first two years of life belong to the right hemisphere, but in the third year of life the left hemisphere, responsible for logical thinking, becomes active. Development of the left hemisphere was prioritized for many years. However, recent research shows the importance of parallel development and simultaneous interactions between both hemispheres. Despite this important discovery, the majority of schools continue to focus on the development of the left hemisphere and base the entire educational system off of this idea.

Modern life has proven that the right hemisphere needs active stimulation along with the left hemisphere. A conscious understanding of this fact necessitates that children are taught through equal and simultaneous stimulation of both hemispheres. In this regard, we turn to the question of whether there is a technique that allows for the development and stimulation of both hemispheres simultaneously.

Fortunately, such a method has existed now for hundreds of years. It has proven its viability through the example of millions of Japanese children who started their education with the stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain. The result is the high level of development we see within Japanese society today. The basis of this methodology is a set of exercises aimed at a uniform stimulation of different parts of the brain. Mental Math was developed in Japan around 25 years ago, based on mental counting with the use of an abacus. We were able to improve this technique by creating a computer simulator that allows you to consolidate acquired skills and provide training through the constant stimulation of the brain or, as biologists would say, the building of brain synapses.

What does the method of Tinker Thinkers Academy offer, and what is the best age to start using it?

Active development of a child’s brain begins to fail during the twelfth year of life. It can be figuratively represented through the form of well-trodden paths in a forest; the more paths there are, the more ways you have to travel your journey. If we compare these paths to intercellular connections of the brain, we can draw the conclusion that breadth and depth of personal development largely depends on them. It is harder to tread these paths after a child has reached the age of twelve than it is at a younger age. This does not mean that the human brain does not develop after twelve years of age. However, its development is limited and is based on already existing, well-trodden paths. You can extend and deepen the received knowledge, but it is impossible to create new paths. Therefore, all newly obtained knowledge will be based on already existing “trodden paths.”

You can conclude the following from the above: we need to create as many neural connections (trodden paths) as possible in all directions to synchronously develop the activity of both hemispheres, providing children with a chance at having a full and successful life. The technique of Tinker Thinkers Academy allows for the creation of such new neural connections in all directions.

Children who learn by our mental math program can:

– analyze and synthesize large amounts of information;

– allocate a main idea and concentrate all attention on it;

– think outside the box;

– develop any type of thinking;

– develop intuition, imagination, and attention to expand memory capabilities and image perception;

– think in analogies;

– increase the speed with which information is perceived;

– come up with creative inventions;

– analyze, moving from the general to the particular; and

– gain confidence in their capabilities.

How will it help in adult life?

Each point mentioned above is a stone in the foundation of the temple of knowledge. The child, who was trained using Mental Math, can easily and quickly learn all school subjects because their brain has already received a sufficient charge. Their brain is capable of many things, and this is the key to a successful and harmonious life. Parents, your decision will affect the rest of your child’s life. Don’t waste precious time and make the right choice from the very beginning of your child’s journey.

Preschool children and Tinker Thinkers

Preparing children for school begins to concern the majority of parents when the child reaches the age of four. Every parent understands that an inexperienced child will have problems in school, but not everyone knows how to prepare their child for school. Here, the feverish search for the best methodology of preschool education begins for some parents. Other parents can sometimes be indifferent to this and believe that it’s the school’s job to decide what to teach their children. However, untrained children face learning difficulties in the first days of school, which leads to the development of an inferiority complex, a disgust with the educational process, and other complex psychological problems.

Many parents prepare their children for school by themselves, but not having the proper techniques, they fail to develop the proper skills for their child. As a result, children come to school with unnecessary baggage, while important, necessary knowledge and skills remain untouched. Also, not knowing the physiological characteristics of the child’s body and the nuances of age-related cognitive development, many parents postpone preparing for school until a later period.

Research done by professionals — teachers, psychologists, and doctors — have determined that the optimal age to start training a child for school is four years old. When preparing a child for school remember that it should not be limited to a specific set of skills, like the ability to read, write, or draw. It is important that the body and the brain are ready for school. Attending school changes the entire life of a child, so you need to know whether they are ready to meet the modern demands of school in terms of tackling lessons, the schedule, team communication, and their psychological state.

When preparing a child for school you must:

– instill a love of learning in your child;

– develop such qualities as perseverance, organization, discipline, independence and responsibility, and self-confidence;

– prepare the child’s hand for writing;

– enter your child into “school mode” smoothly;

– motivate your child to study;

– train their short-term and long-term memory; and

– most importantly, develop both hemispheres of your child’s brain.

The simultaneous stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain is the foundation of all knowledge, skills, and abilities; it is the key to the future.

These points should form the basis for preparing a child for school. Where can you find a preschool institution that can guarantee a complete and quality preparation for school? This is a question that many parents are interested in. Today, this preparatory program has been successfully created at Tinker Thinkers Academy. The special methods behind Mental Math and a well-organized learning process give children the opportunity to:

– study, play, and compete to show their incredible interest in learning.

– communicate with peers, sit at real school desks, work with modern gadgets, and learn to do work on their own.

Children do a part of their homework using specially designed teaching materials. Children have to write and draw, and with the help of the computer program, develop the skills of mental counting quickly through the methodology of Tinker Thinkers Academy. The basis of this method is a unique system that allows you to not only develop the left and right hemisphere of the brain synchronously but also synchronize the communication between the hemispheres of and harmonize their work. Working with an abacus further develops fine motor skills that stimulate the development of oral speech.

More than five million children worldwide learn Mental Math and display amazing results. Children manage to master the technique of counting in just a month of training because the method is based on the development of both hemispheres.

We are not inclined to say that Tinker Thinkers Academy does everything to fully prepare a child for school. This is due to the fact that in addition to mental counting skills the child must also have a basic knowledge of the world, developed oral speech, the ability to properly express their thoughts, as well as the skills and knowledge stipulated by a kindergarten curriculum.

However, we argue that Tinker Thinkers will become a solid foundation for the development of all the necessary skills a preschooler needs. We guarantee the harmonious development of both hemispheres of the brain, granting the child the opportunity to begin the process of schooling on the most favorable terms. We reject the notion that there is only one path to your child’s development.

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