Child Social Development

For children to adequately adapt to society, it is necessary to assist them during the formation of their personality, to aid in developing their capacity for effective interaction, and to help strengthen their ability to solve communicative tasks. In trying to achieve high results, it is important to encourage an interest for the acquisition of knowledge, as well as a motivation for learning and self-improvement. This suggests the need for targeted practice during the social and personal development of a child.

What is the right direction to move in?

Today’s modern society places high demands on every member, and there are many characteristics a harmoniously developed personality must have. This includes having the capacity for original and creative thinking, having creative potential, competently presenting thoughts, and the ability to implement ideas. High-level requirements have forced parents to give serious consideration to the socio-communicative development of children from an early age. To accomplish this, you must select the right learning method for your child.

Requirements such as maximum efficiency and versatility are integrated into preschool education today with minimal impact on a child’s psyche. The main focus when working with children is the development of:

– sociability;

– fine motor skills;

– the ability to analyze and think logically;

– creative perception;

– oral speech;

– emotion;

– intellectual education;

– autonomy, commitment, and discipline; and

– motivation to work and implement creative ideas.

Mental Math Method

The joint efforts of teachers and parents can lead to new discoveries of intellectual potential in children, strengthening and expanding their creative and intellectual capabilities.

Mental Math can be thought of as the most effective simulator for a child’s brain. The methodology involves classes where children learn to perform simple arithmetic (subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division) as well as how to calculate square and cube roots of numbers with an abacus. Gradually using the abacus less and less allows children to perform these steps using their imagination. As a result, they will learn to manage five-digit numbers with little difficulty.

The fact that children master mental calculation is not the only merit behind this method. Practicing this method also stimulates both hemispheres of the brain. This contributes to the development of spatial thinking, knowledge and skills, the ability to analyze, creative thinking, and the ability to make quick and correct decisions.

For parents who truly understand the importance of social and personal development in children and the insufficiency of studying the basics of core subjects, Mental Math presented by Tinker Thinkers Academy is the right educational program for your child. The skills children gain here will be on a thorough basis to aid in their development for the future. These skills will help children not only successfully learn the training curriculum material but also realize their potential in any area of activities.

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