The Mysterious Word “Abacus”

Even a schoolboy can tell you that our brain consists of two hemispheres – left and right. And if we delve into the bins of the school curriculum in biology, we learn that each hemisphere is responsible for your range of brain functions.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now neuropsychologists, who studied the physiology of the cognitive properties of the brain, came to a surprising conclusion thanks to numerous studies and experiments.

The left hemisphere copes better with handling of precise computational functions. It is engaged much more actively in the process of memorization of structural information, learning and speech recognition, foreign speech especially. Analysis, synthesis, classification, generalization are prerogatives of the left hemisphere also.

By the age of three the left hemisphere must be sufficiently developed and formed under normal conditions of operation. And acquired knowledge, abilities and skills are fixed by means of neural connections.

The right hemisphere copes with visual and audio signals, spatial perception. Creative thinking, imagination, feeling and understanding of creative incentives come to life in the right hemisphere.

At the same time, both rational and emotional factors are very important to humans. For a full life, in order to taste it in all its glory, harmonious working of the two hemispheres is important. Mental processes must obey the law of “Golden mean”.

How can we make two hemispheres friends?

Imagine that your brain is a huge orchestra, where each functional department is an instrument performing his own music party. And if the orchestra plays smooth, beautiful melody, then the personality can be considered to be formed and developed. Every note, every sound has an important value to the overall sound.

Only long training and proper, professional approach will enable you to achieve success. The more practice will be, the better the orchestra will sound and the most beautiful and full sound we will hear when all the instruments will be used.

The same story happens with our brain. The more intensive stimulation of the parts of the brain in childhood is, the stronger and more extensive neural connections are, and this will improve, in turn, interaction of the two hemispheres. Then the left and the right hemispheres will become friends.

The Mental Math technique at Tinker Thinkers Academy is designed to provide massive stimulation of the greatest number of parts of the brain. The two hemispheres will merge in one beautiful melody, which will involve all the instruments, and we’ll hear velvet, different chords of music. The program provides the possibility to use it as often as possible, stimulating areas of both hemispheres regularly.

How does the modern educational system work? The emphasis is on the development of the left hemisphere. What are the results? Children think similar, using generally accepted standards and norms, with little or no space for creativity.

The Mind Math technique at Tinker Thinkers Academy is designed to develop a person’s intuition, emotions, creative abilities, the right hemisphere of our brain is responsible for this, in combination with the rational and logical side of thinking of the left hemisphere.

Practicing the Mind Math technique, a child’s brain works harmoniously and cohesively, leveraging the complete range of functions of both hemispheres.

The child is born like a white sheet, while having huge opportunities. And the level of implementation of the potential given by the nature depends on the parents and closest child’s environment.

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