Want to enhance your kid’s creativity, problem solving and decision making skills? If you do, then why not enroll them on the classes that we are offering here in our Academy? Here, we make STEM and the entire learning process fun on the part of your child.

Why Should You Enroll Your Kids In After School Programs Like Ours?

It can help them in all aspects of their life and career

We have especially prepared activities that would surely help your kids develop thinking skills and reasoning at the same time. As we all know, these two things are capable of helping individuals become more flexible when it comes to solving the problems that they are experiencing in their everyday lives. In addition to that, with the highly competitive employment world, it is essential for them to become a critical thinker and have a competitive mindset even at a young age in order for them to be able to have an advantage in the industry they would be entering later on.

It can help them have a positive attitude towards taking challenges

Challenges can surely be overwhelming, regardless of what age you are. However, with your child starting to engage or work with robots for kids at a young age, they would be able to learn how to have a positive attitude towards taking challenges. It also teaches them how to work independently, follow instructions and discover new things at the same time. In addition to that, the more difficult the challenge becomes, the more competitive they get to solve it and once they have solved it successfully, they tend to be more confident in themselves and in their skills.

It can be a way of showing your support for their dreams

With the help of the LEGO education program, we can teach your kids how to program and build robots on their own in a fun way so that they would have a great time learning STEM. In addition to that, we have an access to all the resources needed in order to keep your child’s creativity flowing while being able to learn and build relationships with other kids of their age. So, if your child dreams of becoming an engineer or a computer programmer in the future, enrolling them in our robotics course would serve as a way of you showing your support towards them reaching their dreams.

They can learn all sort of things

By enrolling them in our robotics for kids course, rest assured that they would be able to learn all sorts of things. For example, they can learn how machine parts work together, the basics of motion dynamics, how to build an entire robot, engineering basics and even how to plan. In other words, it would be a great way to introduce complex ideas and concepts to them. They would also be able to experiment with electronics and robots for kids of course. Our courses would also be a great aid in your child developing an interest in STEM subjects.

What Makes Our Robotics Course For Kids Different?

We make use of the LEGO education program

LEGO education has spent 35 years helping educational specialists and teachers deliver a valuable yet fun learning experience that would surely leave a great impact on the student’s life. Hence, our Academy has decided to make use of their LEGO education program. After all, we truly think that they have a lot of interesting materials including both physical and digital ones that can help unleash the creativity within each student. Considering all these things and the passion that our teachers have in teaching robotics for kids, we believe that we can provide your child the best education they can possibly have.

We offer hands on learning

We know that it is important for a child to learn not only by just watching how their teacher does it but also by doing it themselves and we are providing that opportunity to every child that has been enrolled on our robotics for kids course. We wanted to let them work with their own hands and experience things themselves so that they would be able to do it on their own and so that they would be able to remember how they did it. With that, a lasting experience would surely be built and that has always been something that we are aiming for. Also, in here, we not only have a good teaching method for we also have a good learning environment.

We promote learning through play

We are aware of the fact that children tends to lose focus and interest easily and so, we see to it that all our lessons would be as fun as it can be in a way that it would appear as if they are only playing but with learning involved of course. In addition to that, we present them challenges that are suitable to their level of skills. That way, instead of them giving up because the challenge is too hard or them easily solving the challenge, they would be able to challenge themselves to work harder and consider all the possibilities that they have to make things work out.

Make the most out of your child’s time outside of school. Enroll them in our robotics for kids course. You need to know that your child can learn things other than what is currently taught at the school that they are enrolled in by enrolling them in classes that would further hone their skills while still allowing them to enjoy their life as kids.

So, are you looking for after school programs for your child? If you do, we have it here in our Academy. We are here to make your child realize that no matter how young they are, they have what it takes to start building things they never imagined they can build themselves. Also, we want to extend their knowledge and understanding about robots, electronics, technology and STEM as well. So, contact us today!

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