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David – 9 months with Tinker Thinkers Academy

Just 2 months of Mental Math practice

Tinker Thinkers Academy – Brooklyn Center location

Our new location at Brooklyn Center MN is up and running now but take a look how we did it.

Four students of Tinker Thinkers Academy finished Second Level of Mental Math Program.

Congratulations Phillip Pisarchuk, Victoria Kobernyk, David Davtyan and Esther Chepurnaya. You’ve reached great results and we are proud of you!

Tinker Thinkers Academy – the first academy of geniuses in Minnesota

The successful future of man is laid in childhood. Mental Math the most effective method to develop a child’s intelligence.

Tinker Thinkers Academy – Students love it!

Discover the fun and effective way to unleash your child’s intellectual strength using the power of math, and transform your child’s learning potential…..starting today!

Two digits mind calculation!

Here is an example how kids practicing two digits mind calculation at Tinker Thinkers Academy. Enroll now: (844)244 4300

WOW – this is really cool!

At Tinker Thinkers Academy your kids can learn how to calculate two different problems at same time – amazing ability.

Tinker Thinkers Academy students

Here is an example how Tinker Thinkers Academy students are practicing Mental Math at class.

Students practice to use Japanese abacus

Mental math practice helps in the development of such useful qualities as concentration, patience and endurance