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Mental Mathematics – Making Your Child an Excelling Intellect in a Competitive World

Mental Mathematics

Mental math is the ability to do basic to complex mathematical calculations and arithmetic computations in one’s head. With this ability, your child is able to do day-to-day calculations in his/her head without ever needing a pencil, paper, calculator or some other form of help. Using various arithmetic techniques and keeping them in mind, your child is able to do such calculations within seconds that even adults need time for.

However, developing these skills in a child requires serious efforts. At Tinker Thinkers, we train children to do such calculations using visual learning. We do this by using an ingenious invention called Soroban.

What’s Soroban?

Soroban is quite similar to an abacus, but due to its effectiveness in learning arithmetic operations, it remains more relevant in today’s world than an abacus. It is a Japanese invention and has been around for ages. It’s used in some of the most developed countries of the world to help children learn basic arithmetic and practice mental math.

At Tinker Thinkers, we have combined this old masterpiece of math learning with modern technology to develop a system that helps your child learn mental math at a fast and fun-filled environment. For children, they are only having fun, but within that fun they are learning to add, subtract, multiply, divide etc.

Why children don’t find this type of learning boring is because they are not asked to use pencils and notebooks instead they learn what they like to call cool math. Parents feel proud of their children because of this unique skill. In most cases, these children can do calculations before you even take out your calculator or do math on a piece of paper. The mathematical techniques that allow them to calculate so quickly are stored in their brain just like their first language.

With practice and time, your children become so good at mental math; they can calculate the bill for your monthly grocery or dinner at a restaurant before automatic machines produce a paper bill.

Meet These Little Genius Mind That Have Made Us and Their Parents Proud

  • Meet Anya. She is 11 and she plans to be a Dermatologist.

    My dream job is a Dermatologist. I think it is very cool and I want to help people with their skin, so I picked a Dermatologist and mental math can help me in so many ways.
    I will concentrate on what my patients will be saying so I can give them the right medications.
    A good memory can help me because my patients will be telling me what hurts and what medications they already used, and what other doctors had given them so I would have to memorize all the creams, the pills, and what hurts to give them the right medications the help the patient.
    Observation will help me to effectively exam my patients and it will be very helpful at the school like in science so I can observe during experiments.
    All Dermatologists should be able to process information quickly if there is an emergency I will need to act fast and help people as soon as possible.
    Mental math helps me to improve my brain abilities which will make it easier for me to study in school and to become and good and successful Dermatologist.

  • Meet Victoria. She is 11 and she wants to be a teacher!

    When I grow up I want to become a teacher in a Christian school. I think that Tinker Thinkers Academy can help me a lot in live and in becoming a good teacher. I am glad to have this opportunity to learn this technique of math. Because it will help me to memorize what kind of lesson I would need to teach, and figure out quickly all math problems instead of writing it down on paper and taking my time. Instead I would know the answer fast because of the technique I learned as a kid. I have noticed changes in my calculation. Before I started to study Mental Math at Tinker Thinkers I used to count of finders but now I can do it in my mind. These classes have been a good use of time; I think that by getting better at math can help me getting a good job even if I don’t become a teacher. And I am thankful for the teachers that teach me and encourage me. I know that when I grow up this will come in handy.

  • This is Dasha. She wants to be a horse trainer!

    When I grow up I want to be a horse trainer. Mental Math can help me to improve my memory and I would be able to easily remember all horses and their owners. Also, Mental Math helps me to be very concentrated and to pay attention to little details which are very important in horse training routine. At Tinker Thinkers Learning Center I become calmer. I listen to what my teachers say and I started studying more with interest.

Do You Often Notice Your Child Struggling with These Issues?

Look at the following question and see if any of these applies to your child.
  • Are your child’s grades always below average or going down very fast?
  • Do you notice your child making up excuses for bad performance in mathematics?
  • Is it frustratingly difficult for your child to learn poems and other text by heart?
  • Do you notice your child having communication problems? Does he/she often look for isolation?
  • Do you find your child dull and unenergetic compared to the rest of the children?
  • Does your child struggle with simple logical problems and does not actively take part in creative activities?
  • Does your child seem absent minded and has trouble concentrating?
We understand how difficult these problems can be for both parents and children. This is why we have developed our system for mental math learning – it works for a larger percentage of children and helps them with IQ improvement.

How Mental Math Empowers a Child’s Education, Profession and Day to Day Handling of Life

Here are the abilities that a child develops while learning mental math, and a description of how these abilities shape up his/her intellect to be relevant and successful in the modern world.

  • Increased Concentration Power

    Concentration improves your children’s in-class performance, and helps them in becoming professional surgeons, air traffic controllers, technical illustrators, chemists, architects etc.

  • Stronger Visualization and Imagination

    This invaluable skill helps children throughout their lives. Children with great visualization make up for incredible graphic designers, landscape artists, CNC programmers, interior designers etc.

  • Better

    Memory helps your child in day to day activities, academic education and professional life. Good memory can help children become great professors, environmental engineers, agricultural science teachers, environmental economists etc.

  • Improved

    Not only does observation help your children with a great career but also it helps stay safe from possible dangers around them. Children with good observation can be great QA analysts, intelligence officers, speakers etc. Great observation skills also make up for great business leaders.

  • Fast Information Processing

    There is no field, industry or profession that does not highly value a person with fast information processing skills. The biggest gift that comes with fast information processing is the power of making accurate and timely decisions.

  • Improved

    A child whose listening skills are great learns things much faster than his/her classmates. Good listening means the child will understand things fast and probably at first attempt. Listening skills make for great entrepreneurs, judges, family therapists, psychologists etc.

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The Tinker Thinkers Advantage

At Tinker Thinkers, children learn mental math fast and in an environment full of fun. Our exercises and training sessions do not tire or bore the kids. Here are some of the main advantages of Tinker Thinkers mental math course.

  • An online program that helps the child to learn at home and become a part of group learning once a week.
  • Progress is noticeable after every class
  • Particulars of the program are adjusted according to the child – a tailor-made solution.
  • Easy to follow schedule for both parents and children.
  • Our classes can have 30 to 35 students but we make sure to have at least 3 teachers in every class at all times so every child receives proper and deserved attention.
  • Our professional instructors are the cream of the industry.

Touching the Milestones Faster

Within a few months our parents see their children at their full potential.

  • Sam, 10 years Since January 2017

    Sam can compile pyramid speed cube in 39 sec!

    Do you know anybody who can calculate like she does?

    Vika, 8 years Since April 2016
  • Gabriel, 8 years Since March 2016

    Learning to calculate hundreds on the abacus is easy and fun but very beneficial skill.

    Eliana (7 years old) can count 40 examples at a speed of 0.5 seconds. This is really amazing!

    Eliana, 7 years After 4 months

Reviews of students and parents

Andrew, 10 years since January 2017
One of the our fastest student

When I grow up I want to be a businessman and own a car business. I like cars and I like to work with motors and see how things work. I will get a lot of money to provide my family. Mental math will help me by expanding my imagination. I need the imagination to create new cars. I will also help my memory and other important skills.

Alena, 11 years since December 2016
She has the best observation skills

When I grow up I want to be a Doctor. Mental Math helps me to become one of the best doctors. It improves my concentration and everybody knows doctors need a very good concentration. And it helps me to remember any information easily. So I will be able to memorize all the medicine and diseases.

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